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September 06, 2009


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erin krause is the best dressed girl in nyc.

Awesome examples of young people defining style their own way. They could all be a Marc by Marc Jacobs ad. My favorites have to be the women in men's clothing though.


very engaging. I appreciate being able to blow up to examine details. best.

Thanks for giving us a peek at the female counterpart to the style you like so much.

These are all so great! Thanks for the inspiration pics. I just love that men's briefcase!

Why hello, Aggy and Alexa!

I like these summer looks but and ...men?
I wait nervious...

Who is this Mary chick with the border tee and bucks? She must live around the corner from me. I see her all the time in Park Slope with a guy who looks like he could be her brother.

Hey, this is pretty good stuff! Although this is my first visit here, I find your blog and your posts very insightful. Keep up the good work.


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