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February 02, 2010


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wooooooooow. absolute fire

whatever, dude

Is that Tim?

oh damn that shit is heat son. homie got a retard-who-just-wet-the-bed steez goin on that is straight killin it.

Dipped in Butter

is the teddy bear a levi product? what has gotten into you in 5770 that you are posing so often...new trend?

There are two men in the world capable of pulling this look off head to toe.
1. Mordechai Rubinstein
2. Adam Kimmel

I would never wear all three pieces at the same time but then again, I am not a bad-ass Jew.

mustard cord... take your pyjamas off!



The Shining — now in head-to-toe mustard cords!


This is fashion going backwards in a very tasteless manner. No more collaborations please!!

Nice pajamas.

One word: Yipes!

That is some third world looking shit. Style police take him to jail and then the lethal injection chamber!

Lookin' good.


Advice to all guys: if you wear these hideous things you will never get a girlfriend. Sorry to have to be the one to tell you...but I'm doing you a favor.

nice teddy

OH no...

I support this

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