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February 03, 2010


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Couldn't have done it better myself. Love that the distressed shirt.

And no socks to boot? This cat is definitely owning his style.

Get some trousers of proper length.. The short pant look is nauseating ,nobody wants to see your ankles Mr.Browne.....

mark mncnairy has such great style. what a fine looking suit.

Almost! I can appreciate the frayed shirt cuffs, but a waistcoat renders the tie bar unnecessary. The shoes should be polished (and buckled), as is customary for gentlemen; otherwise this gives off a look of strenuous affectation. Socks, yes; even the most ardent preppy knows when and when not to bare his ankles. And the high-water inseam treads a very delicate line: one either knows the length or doesn't; these are about a half-inch too short from being even remotely comme il faut. This snap calls to minds a chap who wants to look very hail-fellow-well-met--he has, after all, the sartorial ingredients--but his overarching attempt to give the appearance of elegant nonchalance is de trop. The maxim about women who wear too much jewelry and removing a piece or two applies here as well: frayed shirt cuffs, unbuckled monk straps, too much ankle. One, sir; but not all.

I'm sorry Theodore, but do you have any idea who you are criticizing? Sure the inseam is a matter in which personal style comes into play, but you crossed the line attempting to knock the shoes of THE Mark McNairy.

He is a true dapper don up and ready to walk the concrete jungles of nyc. Keep on stylin

Dear Mr Montgomery,
As one who has always dressed in the attire suddenly fetishized by the "heritage" movement, I think I'm as well qualified as any to comment on the ensemble in question without it being construed as a personal attack. The name "Biff Jones" might have appeared above the photo and my comments would remain the same. I have no reason to criticize Mr McNairy, whom I had to Google, in order to appreciate your teeming genuflection. I've no doubt he's a perfectly lovely fellow. He certainly designs a handsome array of shoes, including the ones he's wearing, which, as I stated, were deserving of a good bootblack. Ergo, I didn't "knock" the shoes of "THE Mr McNairy," I simply suggested they be polished and buckled.
Theodore Bouloukos

Well put Mr.Bouloukos. Bravo.

MR. Mark you look damn cool and amazing in the above shared pictures....specially your shoes and outfit looks really smart.

nice suit misterman
quality shoes demand socks
mindless of inseam

I like the construction of Teddy B.'s sentences. I also understand his POV. McNairy's kit looks great but the argument could be made that it is somewhat...forced." A man that dresses so well would surely not forget to get his shoes shined, would he? On the other hand, I'm all for "disheveled elegance" so carry on Mr. McNairy.

I wonder what Theodore thinks of Gianni Agnelli and Lapo Elkann...

It seems to me the only person who can wear a Thom Browne suit is Thom Browne. I enjoy the look, but would never emulate it myself. I encourage the acquisition of vintage attire and having it tailored to fit ones form and taste.

@Theodore - Go follow the herd. That man has more style in his unbuckled double monks than most people have in their entire wardrobe.

@Sean Spoken like a true lemming.

Right. I assume I'm being referred to as a lemming because my comment leans the opposite direction of yours?

Here's a hint ol'chap - don't link your posts to a myspace page if you want people to take you seriously.

Your rants on these interwebs are overwhelmingly bromidic.

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