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April 22, 2010


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oh boy oh boy oh boy. A step up from 'Sam the Barber Man'- wouldn't you say? This posting calls for a story. Don't hold out. Does he give lolly-pops?

wow this dude is a straight GEE! damn im feelin that swaggner

I am in love! more story pleeze...

He's so cool!

I wish my grandfather dressed as well as this gentleman does. Class act.


did you get a fresh cut? xo

I must copy his look for an event this weekend. It's perfect.

This man is legitimately inspiring.

fantastic!!! il vero barbiere italiano..

I could just imagine the stories that have been told in that chair...top notch MORT...and welcome to the wild wild west...your gonna love it!!!

Can I hire this guy to clean me up every day! haha


Check out the hottie with the camera in the mirror reflection! He looks like a real mentsch with great taste.

I have known Clemente since I was l6 years old. He is truly a gentlemen. My husband and I love being with him..We usually see him once a month. Each time I go into the city I stop to see him. Amnd each time I alwasys miss seeing Ralph Lauren.

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