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August 03, 2010


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o brother! a very fine move- to elect this as the most recent shot of yourself. Ya'll done good at Levi's. Give my best to the Archivist/Historian. Question for Miss B- tell me what you call the color.


really dig her denim as well.

ho lee shit. amazing

Mordechai, your hair looks great! Don't cut it, just trim it intermittently and keep that style: it suits you splendidly!

would tackle you for that jacket... give right arm etc. this is a genuius move by whoever thorught of it. carhartt did a duck jacket in the trucker cut around 1990ish almost as good. this is nails.

Both the hair and the jacket look great! Any idea on what the jacket will cost?

i want to squeeze your tuchus. i know you wont approve this. hehhehe

I don't know which I love more the hair or the jacket, her's and yours! FABULOUS!

insanely jealous. ps i'm a 34", saw your tweet

This is getting ridiculous. Useless item. Next will be the tin cloth T-shirt and Red Wings.

btw, the San Francisco flagship store has the jacket and the shirts in, but hasn't put the items on the floor as of 2 hours ago. Just got the jacket, they were kind enough to open the boxes and pull one out for me. Very cool.

This is getting ridiculous. Totally useless. What's next? Tin cloth Red Wings? T-shirts? Filson tailored suits? Tin cloth Chuck Ts? Or am I just giving you more bad ideas?

what size are you wearing? what size do you usually wear? I heard you have go down one size form your usual size

im wearing a medium in the shot of just me and a Large in the shot of Aylin and I. I would go up a size, not down.

Mister Mort, how tall are you and chest size cause I need to determine the size?

im about 5 ft 8 inches and change. chest is huge. im a 36R suit.
might join a gym this weak too!

Damn, I'm 5'8" as well with a 36-38 chest size with broad shoulders and I ordered a Small on the Filson site. Levi's website took down the jacket and Filson only has Extra Large telling people they ran out and go gt it from levis cause they have more in stock. What's the 411 Mordechai? Does Aylin mnow if here's gonna be more made? Also, is she wearing a medium size in the pic?

Love the jacket. Wouldn't mind one myself. Are those the multi-colored Sebago Docksides you're rocking? I have a pair that I found for $10 at a thrift store, my favorites.


In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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