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August 25, 2010


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best post ever

What a great post! Love the road trip and hope that it is all good in Nor Cal for you. Dig "Jay's" rope wrist band, can you still buy them?

holy crap that chevy wagon is gorgeous

i'm working on a nail polish the color of that station wagon. a greyed out 1940's mint. next time you're back in nyc i need your help with some new shades!

Marin County

Take me with next time

If Northern Cal doesn't make you happy just being there, check your pulse, I think your will just went into effect.

out did yourself man. great photographs.

Seems like a very nice place to see if I ever can afford going to the US. Stunning actually. And that guy tipping his hat looks a bit like Lee Van Cleef with a splash of silver in his hair.

you're so lucky you get to do things like this! beyond jealous....

come out west, you kBf can do it too



wonderful journey, love everything.
but mostly that charming "welcome" on the lodges desktop.

GDP 4 life

Nice to meet you guys. I was the surfer with Christopher Wilson in Trinidad CA (way nor cal) that day.
Love your site! I have found a multitude of styles I really like and you have helped me tremendously. Keep up the great work!

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