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September 20, 2010


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Who is the first gentleman that you photographed in the aviators?

Your subjects are always so unique. They're well dressed but always look like they don't give a shit about it. Classic but somewhat unrefined.

That would be Marcus Teo, cool dude...

I love how Marcus' shirt cuffs and pant cuff seem like they are turned up to identical lengths. Sometimes when you've got it, it just comes off so effortlessly. Good stuff Mort.

First guy is killing it. The monks look the business. Any idea what marque is the DB jacket?

Must admit that if I saw third guy on the street, I'd think non-homeless bum.

yasher koach

i want thom's look. it is amazing... and you know all about my weakness for JL. LOVE.

Marcus' coat does not fit him well. Its too small, notice the opening of the lapels on the chest , hate that.
Sullivans button placements (top is off)
This next guy i wont even comment on.
Antonio is eh...
Jerry's is superb.
And this next character is great - although im not a fan of the dark shirt + the tie but those glasses are excellent.

Marcus' monkstraps are great. Ralph? Third guy looks like Donald Sutherland and as NSK wrote can most definitely be mistaken for a bum.

the coolest guys, ie. doug from RRL whose been on sartorialist too many times, are often mistaken for a bumb. kinda ill if you ask me. Thom here is one of this countries most stylish men. not just bec he appeared in free & easy before any of us but bec he just is one of the coolest dudes in this country. he raised mark mcnairy son. We all worked at New Republic together...

thomas- love the feedback! im so not a fan of his blk shirt/khaki suit combo but just loved the suit and his hat and glasses too!

I have to say, Marcus looks Sexy...He looks casual sexy cool...Love the glasses, I'm a big fan of aviators...Love'm...
I like this look and I'm with ya on the cuff thing...I did notice how the cuff was just kinda casually poking out, not actually cuffed...I like that...Okay, I think I just like him, he's hot....lol

i'm down with the last to the most, they have the character which is so endearing. mr esquire is a dude too

That last guy is a professor at my school. He came to the visual resources department beaming because somebody wanted to take his pic! I knew it had to be either the Sartorialist or Mister Mort. . . .

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