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September 10, 2010


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I just love the second-to-last bow tie. The texture and color on that fabric is so interesting!

kill'n it! Know what I mean.

I love the last one - that is fantastic! The coloring is muted enough to go with just about any wardrobe but still adds a subtle punch of color. Great job!

What w lovely bowtie! So, what is the price?... ;-)

Extreme contrast between these pretty bow ties and what looks to be a phlegm crusted stair column. #NoBitchassness

Um, yes. All of them.

so elegant !
nice photos :)


I think you're fantastic! Such a unique perspective and vision...

maybe a little bit of spray and wipe on the stair banister would be nice.

veryyyy interested in one of them..

Love the second last one.

Are you selling them somewhere?

Darling, you were in the New York Times this morning! How nice!

WOWOWOW YOU MADE THEM!! the first one is great

minus the tiedye.

A new year of design and world acknowledgment


i am interested. tell me how to get one!

Where are these sold? I want to get them all!

any awesome tips on making one?
i'm looking into making my own bowties too :D

OMG! where can I buy?

I am interested in the first one and the third one.

calvintage- which one?

how much for the brown one? the 2nd

I hear they are now available at Steven Alan

so where can I buy those bow ties? I need to know first the price.

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