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March 27, 2009


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Nice stuff; love the buttons on that cardigan. I wish J.Crew had stuck with Harris Tweed for more than one season.

This stuff is really really good. I might have to save up for the Indy Boots.

great scoop, Mort. Thanks for the pics, I see a few required purchases.

are you saying j.crew x russell moccasin at the "liquor store"?

Love the vintage belt buckle!

I've been over at J.Crew a few times in the past two weeks (we're building the sets for the upcoming presentations) and have had the painfully enjoyable experience of getting a look at Men's. Really love the Russell and Alden presence. The tab collar flannels, the Millerain outerwear...some really great looks.
Nice to see this post. Love the site.

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Nice, I love J. Crew for men and women, such classics....

wait, $200 for the alden indy? are you sure about that price?!?

Would love a confirm or deny per the Alden Indy boot pricing at 200 clams. Thanks!

Any confirmation on cost of the INDY Boot? Are they standard or is that a darker color?

I can't imagine that the Aldens would only be $200. That seems awfully cheap for a pair of Alden 405s. You can't even get a USED pair of Aldens for that price!

Apparently they are only on sale in two stores, both in NYC, and the price is $450.

hi! when are they going to release the fall/winter wedding catalog? thanks!

Where is the Inverallan available? I'm not sure what their distribution policy is, but I didn't see it in SF a couple weeks ago.

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