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May 04, 2009


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Nice print!


Hmmm. Could go either way...

I think it might come down to the material of the tie.

What does it feel like?

Nice, looks like EG ss2010 possibly might look.

It is simply divine. You don't want to know how many vintage ties we have. The Spousal Unit refers to it as an addiction.

Thank you again for your kind assistance Mister Mort! May the rest of your week be splendid!

glorious! Love love love

fail i'm, afraid.

Horace, you clearly have the taste of...none.

It is nice to see a fellow yid working both style and Judaism into the mix. How would I be able to get one of your custom keepahs here on the west coast?

Hi from the UK :)

Could I ask where you purchased this tie? - looks amazing!

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Hi Mister Mort,

Could I ask where you purchased this tie.

I am from London (UK), but am coming down to NY to visit some family soon. It would be great to pick up such classic items as I love clothes which are designed like this.

Thanks :)

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