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June 15, 2009


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Wow, inspiring stuff! Thanks for posting.

the man with the cutoff sleeves is definitely a boss

Mack from Minnesota is always getting photographed, dude must have mad style...which he gets my approval for the denim jacket under khaki. Thanks for the add btw!

paint splat khakis are the best!

sometimes pleats really look great

Yes they most certainly do, and sometimes even multiple pleats work..
thanks for your comments

the women in the jumpsuit is so fly.

great post!

The last guy is a mess. So outclassed by the others.

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jackett with cut off sleeves rules!!

Nice blog, its great article informative post, thanks for sharing it. Thanks for the information!

Excellent post and wonderful blog, I really like this type of interesting articles keep it up.


Thanks for sharing you guys!

Wow you're a great pilot, I admire you so much

Hi great article I really enjoy reading this blog,thanks, good topic
and wow what you do is amazing
you have the admiration of all

Whenever i see the post like your's i feel that there are still helpful people who share information for the help of others, it must be helpful for other's. thanx and good job.

picks are awesome! Respect the classics ... man!

dope, swag

excited for spring!!

great khaki!!!

As a lover of khaki this is so amazing

keep doing more work like this! Thanks...

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