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September 10, 2009


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I've followed this dashing man for years at the shows and he's always on target with his taste and fashion stylings.

"On target"?! On target for what--for the institute? Come on, this guy looks ridiculous.

The outfits are wacky, but both tartans are MacLeod. The yellow is MacLeod of Lewis and the blue one is MacLeod of Harris. I wonder why?

He looks great! Fabulous clothes and a winning smile = WIN!

What a beautiful sense of color, and sense of humor. The ordinary becomes extraordinary in his canvas. I wonder if he is an artist in other media as well.

Yes Sebastian, the Institute of fun and beauty. This man knows how to live and shows it in his style. He is an inspiration and 100% better dressed than the other people in the photos (no offence meant). I admire his clever and innovative take on dressing. He must have some interesting stories and if I saw him I would approach him and tell him how wonderful he looks. Thank you Mr Mort.

Great to see!!!

Wonderful and beautiful!!!

Some just dont get it... approval not needed...compliments accepted.
This style is not owned it is shared, personal and fun....Enjoy it!
It is also rare....

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