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October 18, 2009


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thats an amazing bag. envy

I prefer his shoes


This parka is so cool!!


OMG, looks like my late lamented late 70s LL Bean parka, which they have tech'ed out of all recognition. Wish I had it back.

That backpack is a BEAMS x Kelty collaboration/special edition bag. It's beautiful...all these space-efficient zipper compartments on the inside, and some leather articulation points (meaning where the straps are sewn to the bag). Not to mention water resistant and beautiful selection of colors. God, I shoulda bought that bag!

the shoes are aurora shoes. used to be handmade in aurora, new york. now moved, v. big market in japan.

still handmade, now 2 miles from aurora, ny.

He looks happy, I like his eye glasses

The shoes are available online at www.aurorashoeco.com

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