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November 23, 2009


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Love the "pardon our mess" sign behind this fella.

Only in NYC does this pass as fashionable. I'd like to see this dreaded gentleman in a brown-ish glen-plaid suit with a peak lapel, 2-button stance.

Hey Eric, I am assuming that the concept for most photos on this blog center around pointing out how elements of fashion find their way into both the most and least fashion aware to interesting results. Maybe you should try and not force your already-appropriated, too-polished "style" on everyone.

Besides, no one said it was "fashionable", and who cares as long as its interesting?

ah, beef, what a relief - even on mister mort

What is that?

I think this guy looks awesome, I would not wear the Guantanamo orange shirt with these dickies overalls myself, Hmm maybe the oxford shirt would be more my style,
I cany help thinking about umpa lumpa's.

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