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November 10, 2009


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This outfit is utterly beautiful, but I have to disagree with your diagnosis of that top- it's more likely Max Mara Jil Stuart (complete guesses). Definitely not vintage. It looks like cashmere or like a wool/angora blend and with that combination of shawl collar, cut, material and the detail of the open weave all scream modern. I definitely wish I could rock pleated khakis like that! Great shot, she makes flips flops look ok. Exceptions not rules, next you are going to show me a girl seriously rocking Uggs. GO for it.

Great photo. Cute outfit. Agreed about the flip flops, though. Not my favorite either, but it feels like a lost battle.

I think the pants may be too big for her around the waist (causing bunching by the belt), rather than them being pleated.


this is the worse outfit i have ever seen on this blog, nothing fits right, the sunglasses are tacky, and her feet must be NASTY after wearing those terrible shoes in manhattan. im shocked that the tasteful mister mort thought this was worthy of posting.

Knitted, Mort, not crochet, that's my take. I adore the look.

City-worn flip flops, in my humble opinion, are like long finger nails and spike heels. They are worn to make a statement of class: That the wearer is a delicate flower who will certainly stepping into the next cab. Lets hope she's calling one.

I hate flip flops in the city as well. However, this woman, and her outfit can come have dinner with me anytime they want.

the flip flops, def not.

i like the textures here, but i'm on the fence about the pairing of that blazer with that sweater...

she wears the pants well, yes.

Flip flops on men are one thing - - on women another. She's light years from the sales women at Laura Ashley of the '80's I lusted after but what is it about that belt buckle? I'm in love with that buckle.

cute. more gals please.

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