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November 21, 2009


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Michael Bastian has a sweater with a similar bird design in his current collection. Somehow I figure the guy in the picture doesn't give much of a hoot about this little detail.


Houston + Mott would be La Cocina? Great bacon, egg + chz. Good peeps work there.

if i wanted to look like a cunt then this sweater would fit great

i recognized the barbour instantly, am constantly looking at them on ebay, your friend has one in a particularly nice shade.

this whole flight of the concords stupid needs to fucking die asap. Guy looks like an asshat?

I like the sweater. Doesn't seem like he's wearing it ironically. It's a good sweater besides. What's up with the rude comments?! Pretty short-sighted.

the sweater is the best....

hey pretty strange zone of hunting , I prefer Wisconsin and all its plains

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