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November 06, 2009


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That P-Wing sweater is fire. Wonder what year that came out maybe '95?

when you got it, you got it!

He loses me in his choice of footwear...but everything else is on point. The fit of the sweater is amazing.

Wow, wow. very impressive!

next purchase: black velvet slipper

Who makes you think you should be nicer? Can't find a reason yet.

And to my opinion the shoes are just a sign of humour. I appreciate that.

well why don't you just post that picture of rene ricard?

post the pic!

Just found pic of Rene Ricard, ill post today. cant see his shoes though.. i have to keep digging thru the crates

i too feel like the choice of footwear is a bit much..too much going on, something simple would have really done this look some justice.

but! though i usually hate white socks, dress or otherwise, i do agree that they work with this shoe.

god bless america red white and blue you go boy

Great write up. It is indeed the chance encounters with friends that can be really enjoyable.

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