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November 02, 2009


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red socks! yep! xo mary

He doesn't look more proper, he looks more stylish, and because, not in spite of, the fraying.

Great post. Classic style. Perfect fraying.

I would like to tell him his effort in dressing well is very much appreciated! Thanks for posting.

thanx for information!

Is this some kind of metafilter irony? Are you making fun of this dorky guy? Because if you are, that's kinda mean.

There was a great line on the TV show, Banacek... a cop asks George Peppard why he saves his cigars after he puts them out. Peppard replies, "Because they're expensive." I have custom shirts going back to '99. Thanks for this post. I'll be posting some pics of my frayed cuffs and collars soon. Because I'm a dork too.

He looks terrible.

Atrocious tie knot. The pinstriped suit looks bad with the mini stripe shirt, and looks bad with the tie. The links likewise look bad.

Shirt sleeves and suit sleeves are both too long.

If he thinks he can't find a "good tailor" nowadays, perhaps he never had the concept correct in the first place.

Red Socks....bellisimo! This guy crushes it.

Anon is freaking crazy. This guy looks great with all of his patina. And the fit is good, too. Rock out!

@brooklyn: mean is to call him a dork.

I personally love frayed collars and cuffs. Dude looks killer!

Anon just doesn't get it.

this guy looks like an asshole.

And that is how it is done, in this economy™. Time to turn the collar and cuffs though.

Me thinks he rocks. . . and it is so.

Way too much. Poseur.

The guy loooks knockout and I'm one of those pedants that hates brown shoes with blue suits. He achieves a look of slightly raffish elegance.....it's actually a look that one sees a lot in London

....btw was he separated at birth from Walter Matthau?

The fact that he had some knowledge and was willing to share it makes this guy cool!!

men aughta learn from this guy!

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