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November 13, 2009


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This girl reminds me of Fiona Apple. I'd love to have Sunday brunch with her go for a stroll in the Park, and go to the Whitney so she can tell me how she feels about Georgia O'Keefe. She would be wearing this outfit.

It's Joanna Newsom. She's a singer and cousin of Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco.


so great! she looks much better here
than paper magazine made her look on the cover!

great capture and GREAT coat.

She's dating Andy Samberg right now too.

MY FAVORITE PIC TO DATE! and silly me for not realizing who it was!!

I love her outfit! She is beautiful and so talented. Does she live in NYC now?

c'est moche

Right On.

C'est superbe.

where are her shoes from!?

love the purse

i saw her in this outfit in wholefoods probably on the same day!! soo good i gasped..

Yeah, currently dating Andy Samberg which is hilarious because she was recently dating Bill Callahan, the most badass, intimidating, ladykilling man on the earth. And one of the best songwriters, too.

Wow, really? Comme des Garcons? The craft is not the best, from these photos.
But Ms. Newsome's music, of the other side, is very good and most interesting.

looks like a snuggie went to bed with trench coat.

Joanna Newsom's music is fantastic. Seeing her with some serious street style is even better!

thanks for all admin
information is the most beautiful treasures


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