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November 17, 2009


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I wish Alden made a 10" wingtip boot in cordovan leather that I can purchase here on the east coast.... sigh.

Good rant Mort!

i love that you hate, but thats not what your blog is about. you celebrate men who are dressed well and you can do that without hating on others. perhaps you should have a hating sections. or an open rant forum.

minnesota twins are rolling out new uniforms and hats for the 2010 season, and they are bangers.

...and neither of them are wearing khakis!

So, what jeans are Mr. Millen wearing?

so on point mordechai!

Let's start with the two gents in the picture:

I had the pleasure of meeting David Mullen at a karaoke party my magazine did at the Cockpit store. He is a class act all the way. He and his sister schooled me on the Liberty floral-print tie I was wearing that day.

I love the shawl-collared cardigan, white oxford, fit and wash of the denim AND most importantly his choice of footwear. I have a pair of Florsheim Imperials...that I picked up at a 2nd-hand store! I just had them re-soled and I'll probably be wearing them until I die. Shoes just aren't made the same anymore.

While I wouldn't wear the kit the other guy is wearing all at once, I would definitely wear them separately. Bonus points for the bandana and the Alden Indy boot. I want a pair of these but am being cheap...maybe one day.

As for the rant, I agree for the most part. There is NOTHING wrong with purchasing shoes from eBay or a 2nd hand store provided they are THE RIGHT shoes. Sadly, however, most people DON'T buy the right shoes. You should give a tutorial on the right way to shop eBay.

Lastly, I agree with Mac...you need a section for your "Open Rants/Hating."

mort- stick to taking pictures.

It's one thing to not like what someone is wearing, another to say you don't like it, but completely another to say that people should not be wearing what they are wearing. If I don't want to buy 400 dollar Alden boots I don't have to. Don't tell me otherwise. Have rules for yourself if you want, but you'll just end up breaking them anyway.

Respect the man's rant. I concur with Mister Mort. You can catch me in my Trickers rifling through trash. I choose to spend my money on shoes.

Exactly. Never been a used shoe man; shoes are best purchased new. Think about where those old shoes have been. It's your blog anyway, so voice away.

i sorta agree with the rant but, calling people idiots because they dont share the same aesthetic is a little harsh. plus not everyone can afford to buy some beautiful new shoes.

Yeah well the rant is the rant is the rant and all and I'm not sure I can go along all the way but mostly I just need to say: I'm in love with David Mullen. So in love.

genius. couldn't have said it better myself.

The point that is being missed is that new models of chinos don't need to be designed. The already-available models in many, many brands are more than sufficient.

Next, we'll be having guys who design buttondown collars.

Honestly, I don't see anything wrong with buying and restoring vintage shoes. Insisting everyone who's not wearing new shoes is an idiot is just plain snobby. Sometimes you gotta fake it til you make it. I mean, having nice expensive shoes is great, but you shouldn't try to make people feel bad to justify what most people consider an extravagance.

LOVE the HATE. I know we spoke about the trousers tucked in boots, keep it coming!

Y'all are completely missing the point here! there is NOTHING wrong w/ 2nd hand shoes. I have a few pairs myself. BUT- i resoled them, and paid top dolla at the best shoe repair in nyc to have them relined. I normally wouldnt, but i wore them sans socks for a few weeks and that will kill any shoe. Its just these shoes that arnt decent to begin with that the kids are buying... not saying you need to spend alot of dough either! florsheims are probably the best deal around! i like weston and edmomds and churchs but i cant afford.
im just saying, buy 2nd hand shoes, BUT take the time to find a good pair and if they need a new heal- spend the 18 or 24 bucks to make them new (for you)
cheap shoes are the worst thing. bad for your feet, bad for your kit, just bad period.
judge a man by his shoes- straight the F up

I love it. Amen.

Awesome "rant". I love the Alden Indy's and I've been deciding on longwings for a while but can't decide which brand to go with. I was considering the new Florsheim Duckie collaboration but may just go with Aldens.

Are Florsheim Imperials the same and Kenmoors?

Hey Il Sont, check out shoemart.com, they have a cordovan wingtip alden boot.

bonehead rant. yeah, alot of KIDS are very unaware as to what they are or aren't investing in, but your 'ethos of quality' creates this narrow philosophy of style style -- let alone what that represents -- that handily resurrects the drab conformity that forced rigid mid-century gestures of masculinity to fall out of favor 40 years ago. 'serious' vintage collectors are playing dress-up; it's historical recreation. to use the awful mid-'90s street slang that mister mort bandies about so freely, 'it's corny'.


tucking boots into pants blows. that isn't style..it is urbanoutfitters. These two guys have "it." "It" being an unforced and total appreciation of fashion and love of real style. If its in your heart, it comes naturally.

how old is mister mort?

so sick of alden indys. they've become the go to when you have some money to drop. branch out...

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