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November 09, 2009


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Mort, awesome post, some stuff to really challenge our aesthetics. I mean, a denim jacket with toggle closures?? I can't decide if I like it or not, but it sure makes me think!

this is an awesome post!

very interesting as well...

like how does the guy in the bucket hat stand with his legs at that angle?
and i really like the woman in full acid wash + a cane, so awesome, she's obviously been stylin since before we were born.

sidenote: good to see your blog, finally! ha, we met at the Acne store issue release awhile ago, I think you took a picture of my cuffed jeans..

anyway, just sayin hi and i'll be sure to frequent this blog.

Fantastic post. As entertaining as it is challenging. The last gentleman's denim suit and its frayed hard earned distressing is remarkable. This suits fits him perfectly, but I would love to see this same thing in a slim contemporary cut. Or would I?
The Thom Browne Selvedge Suit?


I quite appreciate your observations. I like that unlike other "fashion bloggers" you don't claim to be an expert on aesthetic, rather an enthusiastic surveyor.

Keep up the good work friend.


i LOVE your photograph of artistpoet rene ricard! How GREAT is he!

The original Canadian tuxedo was made for Bing Crosby by Levis: http://tinyurl.com/2qhn6o

That's really funny– in Canada we call it a Texas tuxedo!

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