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December 28, 2009


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And a friendly smile! nice.

That shirt and tie combination is killing it for me...but he sure looks jolly.

Excellent. Camel overcoat is classic.
Too bad this is a rare site in a city filled with hipsters and wanna-be dandys.

This is how all grandfathers should dress. The red socks and and suede monkstrap shoes are killer.

great outfit but his bad nose job is a tad distracting. thanks mort!

I'm in love with the bottom portion but he could have used the vest for another look because everything else is basically standout pieces, clashing with each other...but it still works nonetheless....

It's Max Baer!

Nice collared tattersall waistcoat! Where can I get one.

Like the trousers, interesting looking dude.

coool grandpa!

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