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December 14, 2009


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Any photos of him without the blazer? I'd like to get a closer look at that Aran.

wow, this is all kinds of fantastic. the jacket on its own is a stand out piece.

beer #2 in pocket.

Stylish dude. Dig the scarf bigtime.

It's a Norfolk jacket.

Exactly, Wrenkin...a Norfolk Jacket - and a damn fine one, too.

love the purple scarf

shit is classic, def. 2nd beer in pocket = classic as well. haha

the Jacket is fabulous!

This is very beautiful. Sometimes the stuff you show is just a wee bit TOO old man for me, but this is lovely, lovely.


This dude absolutely KILLS it. I wish all the little kids hanging in front of the BAPE store looked to this gent for inspiration rather than Kanye.

I've always shied away from purple but on this gentleman's scarf it looks great against the brown tweed. I'm going to rip his style.

bobby two beers !!

strong look, strong look...


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