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February 24, 2010


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subtract the bathroom walls and the necklace and you got some fine dressed urban cowboys.

Aspen Chic?

Neither Aspen. Nor chic. Some sort of Southwestern thing going on here, layered hideously. If only he'd stuck with the flecks. No one who actually rides would be caught dead with horse heads emblazoned like some suggestive bustier. The cardigan resembles so many sweaters of mine; but the yoke and palette on this one are wholly uninteresting.

(Mr Mort: I've had my Bean's Norwegian with silver buttons for at least 20 years; and, season after season, it never fails to attract notice. And I have the red one--even rarer!)

Who really cares what"actual riders"would wear?..only people riding horses in the city are cops!!..the sweaters are amazing...and as far Bean Norwegians...good for you Im sure you look cute in your little red one during xmas!!

I'm imagining what they've got on their feet and it ain't cowboy boots. another quality post

i love the sweaters ^_^

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