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February 16, 2010


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ive been meaning to get a hat like that, but the only ones I can find are at the local CH martin and they have that neon orange lining :(

This guy is a poser to nth degree.. What is this outfit trying to communicate?
It looks like a Hip Hop Navajo or the native american guy from Black Eyed Peas.

This guy has enough going on to fuel "opening ceremony" with 10 more years of ideas!
Clash of the hipsters... He could have at least showed us his drugs in the neck pouch but I think he is in the "process" of paying off that cool vicodin necklace I saw online.... When I was a kid people carried drugs or they did drugs, they didnt wear them!

Even if you had flicked lizzy trulie in the back just chilling or someone else cool from max fish, could add nice back ground effect! especially cause this cat has that "artist" vibe.

horrible - just really bad...

E+ to F-

The items are good apart but not together.Three patterns is the max for the eyes to stand until further notice.

I actually wished Slim Shady dressed like this.

What is going on lately Mort. This guy does not look good.

this herb is form the northwest/midwest? lives in williamsburg n works at some shitty vintage store/coffee shop?...am i right? do we need another poser? i see a million of these dudes daily, ride their fixed gears over the bridge from that cess-pool, flooding the streets like salmon upstream with eyesore outfits, en-route to yoga or working for some weed serve, another day another dollar

this bro looks like my buddy Kurt if Kurt had just robbed a thrift store and decided to just wear all that shit at once

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