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February 22, 2010


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William Yan's pants are so awesome.

'Girls' - Disaster-ism x victims x hipsters at its best. What happened to the classy broads in this city ? ...

'William' - No comment on those 'trousers'. Way to ruin a navy blazer.

'Maya' - Compared to the other 'folks' in this post this is a B+ but lets not forget this is a female- the look is still a bit too manly for my tastes and the too short trouser 'look' is nothing to be proud of.
(Minus the walking billboard victimization tote that is.)

Thers is a fine line between Fashion-able and Fashion-Victim...

those girls need to take off more than one accessory before leaving their homes! i like the individual pieces but all together it's a bit clownish.

I love her GOYARD bag!!!

dude in 2nd photo done shit his pants.

Somebody tell that kid in the MC Hammer pants he looks like an ass clown. What a grave injustice to a navy blazer. And take the damn scarf off. You're not Lil' Wayne, homie.

I guess drop-crotch pants aren't the next big trend after all...

is this the blog for how to dress like an utter cunt

that william yan kit is corny, a hoody with a blazer is horrible, a hoody with a big huge scarf is redundant, y-3 is butt in general...i don't care if he works there...quit...n quit fast.

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