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February 18, 2010


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It's gonna take me a bit to get my head around this one. At first look, it screams Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, but upon closer inspection, it could be just right for those bold enough to wear it.

This is proper. The interior chest pocket is nice and the sleeves got me sold.

Work jacket meets Brooks Brothers fun shirt. Nice concept.

Wow. I love it!

you must be kidding??


this reminds me of the shirt Denise made for Theo in that early Cosby Show episode.

perhaps one of the other Americana expert blogs, can shed some light on the origins of this piece? Psyche the only thing they write about is stuff everyone already knows about. ie selvedge, 501's, redwings, and carhartt's. Mort this jacket is a wonderful quilt of patchwork.

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