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February 12, 2010


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Now that is beautiful--all the color you need and not a monochrome corduroy pants ensemble in sight!

Thats Stiles, always looking smart. That is Baltimore style NY

I really like that.


Well I never !!! comment .... but your site ...is .... Special .... stuff .... I look for ...& stuff ...I've mined over the years .... I appreciate your eye & your subject's .....for doing & Daring To be different ... unfortunatley I have a life that does not allow me to use my collection to its full.... but I enjoy seeing others .... who see the posibilities Michael

and why is this Baltimore style i ask? as if the margins of state borders in some way deter the progression of something good? oh no, us here new yorkers haven't caught on to this forward thinking stiles...."well he in new yawk aint he?"

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