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February 10, 2010


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ah Mordechai, the man who doesn't sweat too much.

I agree it's a great look. I have polka dot bow as well.

Polka-Dots are great. Why is it the majority of these older men always let me down in the footwear department?

@Eric: Mr Offit is a grand old man in New York literary circles; and like most of his intellectual brethren, I would suspect, he must be ready to run from the classroom to a reception at the Century, without missing a beat. If he wasn't who he was, it would be easy to mistake him for, say, the headmaster of an independent school: where decorum mandates the jacket and tie, of course; but utility dictates the footwear. Grand, indeed.

Spiffy tie. Looks good on him. Wasn't he the one who once was an editor for the Baseball Magazine?

you'll understand once you get older and your feet can't handle walking miles in narrow shoes.

Woohoo. Loving the look. It's about time bow ties came back!

"We have more in common than I would have thought. Sidney grew up in Baltimore Maryland."

Does this mean mister mort is from Maryland?

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