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March 09, 2010


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so cash

great blazer

def down w/ that shopper. nice-n-light. looks like a nice guy too. : )

i really love this. more i look the more intriguing + intersting it becomes: variously fitting things (jacket semi-snug but not too snug + thick, pants baggy, smallish glasses + hat, big bag...) + textures are really wonderful. and there is not such a thing as too much blue blue blue.

I aspire to be this cool when the gray starts showing!!!!!..great look!!!!

love him - every element! jacket, bags, chambray color sneaks, scarf... i hope the bike behind him is his. wish you could see more of it!

Wish my grandpa dressed like this.


Truly inspiring! Does anyone else have trouble estimating the age of this gentleman?

This is how to be youthful, but without dressing like a kid. He looks excellent!

cool grandpa. owesome.

I hope I look this stylish when I'm that age. Amazing outfit! It's young without being immature like stated above.

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