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March 17, 2010


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I hate polyester but I do like the cut of the trousers. If he was sporting a mustache I might confuse him with Carlos D. from Interpol.

Oy-yoy. It's what happens when Criterion Collection nerds try to pull off Old Money/Blue Blood Euro look. What I don't understand is why role play like that in the first place. Discreet Charm of a Charlatan ?

He looks like a dork.

Nice shirt, but the pants and boots make him look like an extra from Brokeback Mountain. He's not herding sheep in that outfit.


He looks like the stylist Christopher Niquet?


Great shirt, good looking so I guess he can pull the honeys. Shit I hate guys like that.

I really would like to iron his shirt! its annoying me.

he is Christopher Niquet

maybe its the money hangin out the pocket

Is he a gay with bukkake boots wide pants and wrinkled shirt?

I love that he has money sticking out of his pocket!

I dont know about pullin honey's.....those two dont look like they would be able to dance on the night shift...noon performances only!!!...and as for him he looks like he literally fell out of a donation bag at the Salvation Army...I hate this limp ass style on men..I mean really he couldnt change a flat on his mini cooper in those pants!!!

I swear I saw him riding a buggy in Amish country!!

"...couldn't change a flat on his mini cooper..." that alone was worth this post- thank you mr. dixon.

As for Mister Mort and Mister Caputo- you gave this guy more attention with this posting than he got with any of those "girls".

I'd wager he's just another preppy à la vie bohème.


Thank you MISTERMOSHE....I enjoy contributing.

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