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April 14, 2010


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Nicely done. But why so glum?

jealous. what's that paper clip shopping bag?

finally, a posting from the w.coast.

paper clip bag is from design within reach's "tools for living" store, which i think closed unfortunately. This look is awesome

now THIS girl is cool.

v.v.v. cool. Dem boots ibe gert lush.

oops, meant "be gert lush" it's the Bristolian in me.

this girl obviously spent the night at a gentleman's house last night and instead of opting to wear "last night's outfit" she took a bunch of the guys clothes.

call me old-fashioned if you want but women should not aspire to dress like woodsmen.

ah... behold Monocle Annie


Don't get Eric's comment, why shouldn't she (or any other woman for that matter) aspire to dress like woodsmen? The reason I can think of is authenticity; But this is no more inauthentic than a man dressing like he works in a coal mine whilst spending his day behind a desk.

Is Eric gay or straight? just wondering...as I woman, I think there is nothing that shows more confidence and "cool" than wearing "mens" clothes. Not every girl in NYC needs to wear department store looks.

Mistel Molt,that's a great scarf (no homo). Matches her Cuckoo nest wings which are looking stupider in the city day by day but id rather see girls play up a tough guy in worn boots than a dude. Nice find

Mens or Women gear is alright by me.

Hi, everyone. Since some comment-ers have inquired about my sexuality, I'd like to proudly announce that I am heterosexual.

Here's the deal. There are in fact, many occasions in which a woman looks good in menswear. My favorite being a rumpled oxford-shirt in the morning while she is eating breakfast (underwear optional).

What I DO NOT like about this particular picture is that NOTHING fits this woman properly. If the Barbour jacket and pants fit properly, I'd probably be a big fan of this picture.

oh wow eric, how specific. just relax and perhaps read some magazines. open your eyes a little, you are embarressing your self.

This is how casual dressed-down should look. Nice shot.

Thanks for the great shot, Mr. Mort. She's her own boss. I love it.

@ "somebody". you are too funny. am i not entitled to dislike something? read a magazine? is that supposed to mean that fashion magazines are the be all and end all of what is cool and what isn't? come on, now...i don't dress according to what some of my magazine editor friends tell me is cool.

Lastly, please learn to spell.


i'm surprised at the casually chauvinistic comments regarding how this woman has chosen to dress (over here and at acl - http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2010/05/14/treasure-and-rain-part-ii/). disappointing.

Love this look. Cute yet mature. Its effective and the individualism it projects is inspiring.

And while everyone is entitled to dislike something, you don't have to go so far as to deride her with crude imagery that has been dressed up with fancy words. It's not witty or clever, just chauvinistic as Jaime said.

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