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April 19, 2010


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I really like that he tucks in the sweater(cashmere?). With higher waisted pants a sweater can either look like a dress because it hides the belt and some of the zipper placket or get puffy around the waist. tucking keeps the profile slim from head to toe. nice

This works for one reason and one reason only...this particular gent is thin. I'd hate for some of this blog's chubbier readers to try this at home...they'd look downright silly.

Not too keen on the top half.
Those soles make so much sense. drool.

Trousers way too short for my taste, but LOVE the shoes! ;-)

thick souled in shades of grey

the short trousers save this from being too dour for my tastes

diggin that little bit of flair it adds to the dude's getup

it's nice how well this dude rocks the different shades of grey; don't think many people could do that without it looking like some kind of costume

i'm not digging the top

but really love the creativity with the short length

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