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April 09, 2010


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Love those shoes/boots.

He does look really nice. The color palate is cool for the season. I like to see the overshirt/shirtjacket idea applied in interesting way. I remember some people somewhere on the internet getting excited about wearing a chamois shirt over a sweater. And it is exciting, and interesting. This is a cool iteration of the same concept.

His jeans fit great, too. I like how he dealt with the extra length on em. Yeah man. There's a lot that's right about this outfit.

a true bro

I love this just the way it is--no additions nor subtractions. The layering is keenly executed. I, myself, think denim-on-denim is a bore and often ill-posed, but here - well, it's a different story.

now THIS kid reads blogs

favorite blog. favorite comments.

At least "cheap 2nd hand hard bottoms" would most likely be made in the USA unlike those Indian (dot not feather) made Ducky Masala Floorshines..

Everything is right about this guy from the hair and sunglasses down to the shade of the denim, the roll, and his brogues.


Just love the combination of the used denim with the clean grey jacket , the litte extra is really the bow tie.I would personnaly prefer some caramel wingtips with this clothes , but that's just my opinion.

Another great post Mort,the bow tie and denim pearl snap is classy,something to think about out here in the desert,not sure if the locals would understand the bow tie but in any event thanks for the info on where to acquire vintage deadstock shedes.


W: Carmel colored wing tips would play nicely with the blues. Add pop for def.

who makes the jacket? it's perfect.

Impressed with that FIT! Refreshing ....Love the scale...it all works....and I wish more of it was here in California. Get with it you CAL GUYS! GET DRESSED PLEASE!

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