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April 16, 2010


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I, like most ppl who read this blog, love layering. However, is there a point when it's overdone?

Indeed there is a point where it is overdone. That's what makes a horserace though. Can't all be winners! (Bless his heart)

he's missing one thing, a hoop earing. That would complete this look.

Uncuff the pants, I dont see any rising water in the background!

When he gets off his iphone he should take his iVintage look straight RRL store, he can chill there.

yeah, I bet it was 65 degrees out when this picture was taken. looks like a child molestor covered in a pile of dirty rags.

those are certainly some shoes yessir

do like the sweater with the little anchor buttons on it though

maybe if he hadn't put all that bullshit on top of it?

the whole outfit is just kind of schizophrenic

a) it makes so much sense that Mordechai took this photo- so why ppl are bitching,I don't know.
b) you could see from the profile photo that it was chilly, others are wearing coats
c) lots of little things are working here- however, this man, like so many of the ppl. you love, has over-thought his entire outfit. Proof: look at how the scarf is wrapped around. (but I like it, just wish it was more natural- we can't all be born with it)

This confuses me. Either lose the sweater or lose the jean jacket.

I just vomit

this pic in three words: lose a layer
this pic in two words: Fashion Victim
this pic in one word: fail

I don't normally like Doc Martens but those are really nice.

Judging only from this photo, this handsome young man looks to be at peace with himself and show a confidence that others lack. I don't think he is getting up in the morning wondering if he can go out and impress y'all with his fashion sense. For that, I give him an A+!!

Nothing is more dishonest than trying hard to look like you aren't trying! Effortless chic = lie. EVERYONE tries. I say fuck it, wear what you like! This guy isn't dressing for you.

every time i look at this picture i notice another layer it's like a magic trick

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