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April 26, 2010


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1st painting is by LA artist Edgar Bryan

*the kid is winning by a mile here-wonder if he purchased any pieces?

*guy at bottom is losing points for his brand new barbour but gold star for the croakies holding his specs in place.

The older gentlemen in this post look amazing. They look refined and distinguished.

the last guy is really trying to not try too hard but his minty fresh shoes (complete with laces tied wrong) give him away pretty soundly....failure...sorry pal.

The post on the kid in the photo who looks to be scavenging from a dump is somewhat uncool. All the others, spot on!

I like the last guy...rocking the Sebago Campsides. I just got another pair after searching for a while. People keep rocking docksiders, but who can forget Sebago's?!?!

You always do such a wonderful job in catching people's smiles. That is a mark of a great photographer. I really like the purple merino wool turtleneck/cuffed khakis, and the tweed jacket in the photo below it. Dashing and wise looking men.



I wish I had that kids style - damn!

Some really great looks, but that painting of the sunglasses is a complete Wayne Thiebaud rip-off, what a shame.

do i sense social critique

I love that the comments questioning the kid are getting deleted.

There goes *my* enjoyment of your stuff, man. Can't take criticism, especially deserved criticism?

when the sartorialist posted a homeless man, at least there was a sense of choice and dignity. and it was an older man who took what he could and made a look from it. the sartorialist also found the man in a street. you are taking a picture of an art photo of a third world trash picker kid and lauding him for his stripes and pleats. kinda lame. that kid didn't make choices. go find anyone else on the streets and take a picture of his pleats and stripes. i think i am undeleting you off my RSS feed.

The Japanese dude looks like an old college friend...Mike Ishino is that you! He rocked with style back in the early 90s. He's still got it.

Why did you delete my comment/criticism towards your use of an image which perpetuates colonial fetishism of the exotic Other? Your appropriation of this image is incredibly problematic, not to mention cliched--no different than first year photography students who show their 'raw' photos of 'dignified' homeless people. Critique is part of a photographer's process; you can let thoughtful criticism stand (and respond to it), while removing vulgar and thoughtless attacks.

for the love of pete.-For the love of god the sartorialist sucks. if you want that shit go there......

The degree of removing thoughtfully constructed criticism that addresses real problems with your use of an image here is deplorable. Very disappointing that someone who seems to have a vested interest in the idiosyncratic and the elegant needs to erase any thoughtful discussion or critique--what a sad cliche of superficiality.

no need to dis the guy at the bottom for having a new barbour and box fresh shoes on - not everyone feels the need to wear their barbour without re-waxing it as a badge of how long they've been rocking them. he looks comfortable within himself and the mix, proportions and fit of all his gear works great.

Hi Jan,
i deleted your comment accidentally. I dont take pictures of the less fortunate. I didnt even see a boy digging through trash, I saw a super cool kid. With pleated trousers! Take what you will Jan. Thanks for commenting.

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