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April 30, 2010


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The first half of the outfit wins it hands down. I love the color of his hat and jacket. The jacket looks like something APC would reference. While I do love the color of his pants, I am not so fond of the fit. They do not compliment his slender frame whatsoever. The shoes look great too...though I'm not such a fan of the Stacy Adams Madison boot.

Cool! Great looking outfit ... looks like he just stepped out of a movie scene.

Wonder where he got this hat?

i like the fusion of vintage and modern technology here..he;s like in the olden times only that he got a blackberry from the future

dude looks like a fuckin freak... nice jacket tho

you mean the dude with the eagles mcnabb jersey?

Wow! Great fucking picture. This is one of my favorites.

Ooh, doesn't he look like Hank Williams? Great look.


Thank you for all of the wonderful and oh SO stylish photos. Your blog is intriguing, crisp and clean, and beautifully laid out. It stands shoulders above almost anything else out there. I especially adore the men in vintage clothing and of course the HATS. I am 35 year long collector of hats (both women's and men's) and a trained milliner and millinery researcher. You certainly have the eye for this. Just wanted to comment on your sense of style. Are you in any way related to Mr. Mort the fashion "house"? I will make many return visits your blog, it is so very "Nobby"!! Thank you for sharing your sense of style and keen insight into fashion, both present and past. Barbara

Really frickin' killin' it!

Just... awesome. In my humble opinion, this is an example of why New York is the greatest city in the world.

I like that look. Kind of 50s isn't it?

Have you seen the movie Shutter Island? I really like the suits and clothes from the film. I wish that style would make a comeback.

(p.s. I don't know much about fashion so I decided to follow your blog - maybe I will learn something)

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