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May 03, 2010


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Why didn't you just go up and ask? These lurker shots through the flowers are kinda creepy.

well fuckboatshoes,

don't get it twisted. if you've ever walked on the busy streets of NYC, there is something called stores and tourists. Tourists like to hang outside stores and take up precious sidewalk space. I was behind the lil tree and saw these patterns which i of course had to capture. That is what I do, i follow men so you peoples on your computers don't have to. So i couldn't risk waiting for the tourists to move-on, so i just snapped through the tree. I thought to edit the foto and crop it out but on 2nd glance, I liked how it looks.
Thanks for stopping by,

Don't worry about trolls like FBS! I would only start to worry that you had stalker-ish tendencies if your photos suddenly started to look as if they were always taken with people unaware ... or through partially opened windows.

Absolutely yes on that shirt. Reminds me a bit of the spring WWM stuff.

digging the pattern on pattern. looks like a dude Vanessa Huxtable would have gone out with.

Fair enough. Thanks for keeping up such a great blog btw, us spectators don't fully realize the shit you gotta do and the work you gotta put in to keep this blog as ill as it is. The passion shows. Keep it up.

He's wearing Ksubi jeans...$200.00+ FUCKING HIPSTER


The title for this post should have been "Hipster or Bike Messenger?"

This gentleman is clearly the former as his J.Crew/Sperry boat shoes and Ksubi shorts give him away.

Bike messenger aren't so trendy.

I hate knitted hats like that when it is warm out.


mistermort, love that you follow men so i don't have to!

this bro is riding the basquiat revivalist wave

Long Distance Sidewalk Runner

wow- a rare comment from mordechai himself- and its over this?
full frontal vs espionage- main thing is you get the shot!
the socks says he doesn't give a fuck- the hat says he thought about something.

Wow a MisterMort response.. I too am flabergasted MisterMoshe.. Mort as I often say to many young artists, let your art do your speaking for you.. keep up the good work.

Don't let the leaches drain you,the mystery behind the shot is the most compelling,it's like these idiot's want you to be the artist and explain the passion and meaning,they dont deserve to be enlightened.


i dunno how often this happens , but a friend showed me your blog and heres my picture, funny thing is i remember this day and i believe i saw you taking this picture i just didnt think it was of me. its interesting to see what people write about you and what judgement they make based on what you look like and what you wear. and i think its dope that i can actually provide a history to the photo,il address the clothing first since thats easiest, mort you are correct the shirt is an old Banana republic good eye, i copped at a thirft in brooklyn for like 5 bucks , the shoes sperry/jcrew my lady bought them for me at a sample sale she works for, the tsubis are from tokyo 7 they were 30bucks jeans first then i cut em cause the got all ripped up , socks are just plain dress socks worn because its good to wear socks sometime on long bike rides, i like wearign cheap knit hats sometimes i feel a lil naked without some kind of hear wear, and as i remember it wasnt very warm that day , the vest is also thirft , im a enjoy patterns and prints a great deal. as far as the hipster bike messenger artist debate ,i wouldnt label my self hipster although who would,specially judging by the tone of some of these posts, i used to be a bike messenger but as of that photo i wasnt , i was just riding around , i am an "artist" although i just say im a painter i think everyone is an artists and has that potential , my name is James and im from east new york Bk where i still live today with my family. hope the truth doesnt ruin the intrigue of not knowing , and thanks

thats my boyfriend!

Thank you james!

Is that a eastpak he got on his back?

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