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May 21, 2010


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what a collection and hunk

amazing!!! thanks for sharing.

Were you stuck in an crack den in the mission when u decided it was a good idea to to make this post...

K - hole?



The print contained in pic #3 is a direct copy of Hubert de Givenchy's Runway show in spring/summer 1961. Gianni should be ashamed!

when were these Jeans produced?
are these vintage or more recent.

I make shirts for the owner of Eisenberg's coffee shop out of similar children's novelty prints. The pants take more guts to wear then the shirts.

Hi - this is major!! love it!!

The third photo from the bottom (showing off two pairs at once on the bench) is baller! The jewelry is a nice touch. Very eccentric, my man!

Great pictures...amazing collection.

this is so nutty it's refreshing somehow

These are awesome!

You kids are pathetic. This is sad, but not surprising. 'Collecting' is one thing , wearing them is just ... and Versace ?! Ha.

I respect his gaucheness,it so louche.Or maybe it's rive gauche...

this guy is amazing

i have seen this guy before in the city. he always has fancy pants-baron von fancy pants!

Abundant styling. Where can you buy these?

Love the collection, especially the rainbow jeans.


I love the flora and fauna. If only today's fashion were as fancy
and upbeat. That dog Metal is a perfect counterpoint to the crazy
kitties and flowers in the prints.


He's a genius, and a rock star among the fashinista.
I worship the BvF!!!!

The Contrast Back Panel reminds me of some old Liquid Sky jeans back in the day with the contrast orange camo fly/beeper pocket. Those were ugly in 94, 2010 is a new year time for some new GEAR. BVF = DVF

The baron is always styling.

I very much like the cut of this young man's jib .

Great collection! Great photos!


can you ask him if i can borrow the "ladybug jeans" for my date with jeff whipps tonight?

well done Gord

People who hate on these jeans need to get laid.

Blech! Those are so ugly they HAVE to cost a fortune. They look like my wife's "don't-have-sex-with-me-tonight" pajama bottoms.

Very interesting sir! Thanks for sharing.

now this deserves knuckle sandwiches and kissez.

Pretty sure your friend would love these:


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