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May 04, 2010


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Thanks for this. I'm speculating that this guy travelled to the future, lived a full life, and has now returned to tell us all about it. All the photos are necessary to fully understand where and when he came from.

this guy is fucking amazing




this dude lives by me in greenpoint. you gotta see him taking his grandkids to school Shit will blow yr mind. Rickshaws the kids..and he always looks like that.

Wow, talk about marching to your own beat. Right on.

Is that a roll of tape attached to his shoe?

wow, I mean wow. A rickshaw? really.
I need a time of day and address for that please.......

Oh look, they have attention whores in Japan too.

If you're actually impressed by such an easy angle as dressing up differently you need to get out into the world. True subversives are invisible.

That's kind of the point.

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