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May 25, 2010


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I'm a fan of the cuffed Khaki pant as well. The looser fit throughout the leg is key.


The jean jacket under a blazer look is the same thing people bashed a few weeks ago in the j.crew F/W10 release.

I am going to have to go with "b/c you know this 'tough' guy, you are backing him up." There are too many sloppy elements in play. I'm sorry. Then again- if you are inherently cool, you can do whatever the f you wana do.

Chucks are the only sneakers that look just as good when old and dirty as they do fresh out of the box.

Love the chunky socks as well.

Good job Mr. Matt S. Jacobs.

get the hat on straight, and yeah, okay.

If I were a man,this is how I would dress.

hat on straight?!?!?!? what fun would that be?

yeah, slims for the girls or rockstars

yeah, and hes just inherently cool so STFU

that's the way white chucks were meant to look!

yea, i'd like to magically give these clothes to every guy i know.

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