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May 05, 2010


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colorful, yes. dapper, no.

the fit on everything is really on point, but he needs to lose the silly glasses and white gloves

I looks great!

really? i can dig what he's going for, but this just ended up looking like a costume.

Andre Benjamin redux? Hilarious.

It's all in moderation,actually it's quit crisp.....the yellow slacks are great with the vans,gold hardware compliment the stripes and slacks at the same time!!!,I guess if he was rockin sz 44 Roca wear jeans and a scully he would get a better response hahahah!!

im feelin dis style, but if u cant rock this style everyday then theres no point in doing it 1 day out of week.

I wonder where he works.

He looks like the fools that hang out, shop, and work in the Rugby store. There is such a thing as trying too hard and it is a damn shame his gf, bf, friends, parents etc. enable him and tell him he looks "fresh" instead of telling him he looks like a clown.

On the plus side, at least he is not wearing a fitted to match his pants.

That would just be, tragic.

i say loose the shades the vans and the pipe.

Brother- with all the respect I owe and afford you: your title to this dude is misplaced. Perhaps certain elements of his 'outfit' are dapper, but you made this dude's day when you asked him to pose. His costume had met its purpose.
What killed it for me: there ain't no dapper w/o socks...unless of course you at sunday brunch or boating and then the whole look would be different.
love you

Is that ,an octopus ?

Post my, comment you fucking social, awkward trust fund, fuck.

im definitely social
im for sure awkward
but i aint got no trust fund kiddo
dont i wish i did.
thanks for commenting.

Glasses, pipe, and glove in the pocket gotta go! Like above said, turned an outfit into a costume. I'd have probably rocked a crisp white shirt, lavender with the yellow pants is a bit much.

Kid almost had it, but looks contrived as is.

V-clav, I'd have skipped your comment just for the awful punctuation. I can take some mistakes, but damn man!

Thanks for the feedback fellas!!

i LOVE that you spelled bleecker right. gets me SO MUCH when people spell it BLEEKER. even new yorkers. i hate it.


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