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June 18, 2010


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This post makes me want to move to the South immediately.

this is why I read your blog.

god I love it! the dude in his 60s in the Dickies, the dude in his brand new thorogoods and sweater looking at that chick like she is NUTS! And the Wranglers! Awesome! I found a pair of WELL seasoned Wranglers in a JUNK store in Big E TX for $1 - the lady asked - are they your size - i said we'll see - and they fit! Sure the ass is gonna blow out by the end of summer but what the hey...they FIT for now and are truly ONE OF A KIND!
Awesome party there man! that dude in the safari jacket and dickies is killing it! truly! are those dickies? they look like the two pairs I have! and those glasses... damn, what a killer... have a great summer Mr M!

ps - the girl in the band... in the shorts...

Not typical, sweetheart, but you can dream.

I'm surprised the State Police didn't stop that entire houseful of people at the border and refuse them admittance. (I have family who live in Alabama so I know what I'm talkin' about)

Fantastic post!
Thank you.

wouldnt catch me dead in Alabama!!!....I get nervous just looking at the pictures..

Good taste in everything but beer.

great, gorgeous, we wish they all were like this-I often want to whitewash my little NC town!

Makes me want to visit Florence even more.

So many things I want to appropriate, but don't have the Southern charm to carry it off with conviction.

Great Pics

These guys make me proud to be from the south

You guys were so much fun !!! <3
Eve Styles

I will appreciate that photos can speak for themselves.Thanks for the inforation and I Love me Alabama & some Moonshine

I am from the Florence area...many times I have wanted a reason to move back...looks like a wonderful home and a fun party...

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