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June 04, 2010


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Yea- 'real tough.'- Your Suspect for even photographing these lady boys.
New York is a little to hospitable to these type of beings..and photograbloggers like yourself encourage this type of image onto the already sick youth. Go home !

real tough ! HA , GO HOME !

O my! OK- if this is a British invasion of the new punk scene, than it is acceptable... But only on the little guy. I don't care how gay you are- no man can wear shorts and leggings with boots and get away with it. Eggs should be thrown at this boy. I am not advocating random acts of violence. I am suggesting a targeted response to this disgraceful attempt at....at I don't fucking know what he was thinking.
"Hey shorty, I'm stoned, wana grab a drink in my salvation army tuxedo jacket?...Let me just throw on my faded rolled up shorts and grab my boots will ya? Thanx chap"

yeah , real 'tough'. Ladyboys.

A bit scary.

my freshman year roommates at parsons. literally, lovely.

Dude these guys are so gay.

this is a total opposite of the idea of effortless fashion. these gays spent way too long in the mirror. i wonder whether you post this as a satire, Mort.. ? :)

wow who the FUCK is that first commenter?!?! i wanna pull some 'me thinks thou bla bla protest too much' type quote but shit, "sickness" "beings"?? more sick youth is just what we need

i wouldn't dress like em, but it's a sweet change from some denim fetishist with a billion dollar backpack (ps morty don't think i think you post those pictures i mean in general ok please dont get angry or offended mate)

Christ Almighty--what's with the slurs and name-calling? Do you need to be reminded that you're reading and posting pseudonymous comments on a FASHION BLOG? Sorry, but ipso facto you're not exactly bad-asses yourselves. Talk about "suspect," Sickness and the City.

sometimes i post guys like these for the eff of it. I want to show the world how fellas are doing it. Plain and simple. Like 'can you believe this is how guys are dressing'?!?

I love it and I dress this way often, in London no-one give a ****. Anyone one would think men had never had legs before. Fashion police are so tedious and dull as is the homophobia.

"these gays spent way too long in the mirror."

I happen to know both of these men and neither one takes any longer then 1 minute to leave the door. I'm very disappointed in the lack of respect and taste displayed by some of the readers comments. They look great, it's not Ralph Lauren, get over it.
Progress requires change, fashion and by extension those consuming it, can not move forward without taking risks.

"I don't care how gay you are- no man can wear shorts and leggings with boots and get away with it."
For your information that was actually the foundation of mens fashion, established by the Pourpoint and hosiery, and was actually the formula for mens fashion well into the 18th century. So in fact men have being pulling this look off centuries longer then women how have only been wearing shorts for the past 50 years.

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