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July 30, 2010


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that dewd on the street is wearing toms shoes. why would u put it on ur blogpad if u spend so much twittertime h8ing on them? y'all r sending me mixed messages. so confused. plz help.

good question. While i think toms or most espadrillz are not right for NYC or most big city streets, When simply strolling on a summers day it doesnt bother me as much as say when a dude wears them to a bar or fancy spot.
IF YOU WANNA GET INTO IT- I get heated when ppl dress up to go to a flea market or thrift shop. Seriously, when you stroll in in todds driving shoes and a LV belt, how can you have the chutzpah to bargain. I think what i hate more is that the soles are so darn skimpy that if youre not euro or on a boat or beachtown, it just looks slightly out of place. ANYHOW, i like the kids kit aside from the cute shoes. when my friends do it, i get extra personal, and its not always right. Im working on not being as hard on my peoples....but Im still the Fashion Police

Dear Sheriff: you don't owe anyone an explanation! Second, you know my take on Toms- perfect shoe for Miami and Capri. Third, why are you hating on upper crust fans of f.market? Doesn't seem like you.
Finally, great shots of the couple shoe repair. I like LA2, not so much LA1

gawd i love that denim the girl is wearing .. and her shoesss !!!

i take my shoes all the way to the country mart simply because i like those boxes. what a system! hope you had some of that ice cream at the new place in there - good stuff.

if you're going bitch about peeps getting dolled up to hit the flea's or the thrifts,you need to bitch out the dude in the toms...he's totally
tricked out in his Coolio unform, or what we in la call the silver lake douche bag uniform..=toms,rayban wayfarers,madras shirt and the short shorts...his type has totally polluted silver lake, echo park,and west hollywood, where you shot his pic....you should hate on the raybans as much as you do toms...

Mr. Mort,

First, I am a fan of your site out here in California. I am currently residing in San Diego California, a recent move from my beloved Los Angeles. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that if I am not mistaken the gentleman in the denim blazer with the young lady is the proprietor of Milkmade in Venice. A great shop, with a good vibe. Worth a check if you haven't been in. And you could drop by the Stronghold on Abbot Kinney and say hi to the crew for me. Two great stores on the same damn street. And while you are there get some coffee at Intelligentsia.

keep up the fantastic observations.

Eusebio Travis Sevilla

i'm totally down with the vibe/look of the first man with the long hair. and i love the wool blanket sitting beside the shoes. the last girl totally makes the cut too (largely due to wearing the knee brace with shorts) but i think the others got a lucky break making it on here, success lies sometimes in relation to what's around for direct comparison at the moment?!

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