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September 05, 2010


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Where can I find myself a belt-hook like that?

who makes the shades and the shoes?

also the belt?

Looks like a cool dude, what kind of hair gel does he use?

Harry and I have a belt in common- who would think.
Nice to see your NY mates!

your detail shots are good but it would be cool if you also had a full length shot

are those girls shoes? chloe sevinigy or something ?

i dont agree with the shoes and i would have preferred black skinny jeans

but in all Harry looks gr8

Man, all of these comments are really pedantic and boring. Black jeans come onnnnn. I don't want to be a troll or whatever, but why do you guys have to be so quizzical about what brand/fit bla bla people have on. Isn't the pleasure in a site like this moreso the inspiration from and insight into how people look. I mean are you such a baby that you have to copy this guy's (admittedly v. nice) outfit. For me, the pleasure lies in the mystery.

Looks like the tables of pedantic-ness have turned on me, but it's just a constant frustration on sites like this.

the chinos are the best aspect. they could've been slightly more of a full cut, especially at the opening, but he's thin so it passes. some people get too down on them considering their current typical usage, but i think that tight-ish black denim DOES have its place; black is cleaner and a touch un-Americana, + too trouser-cut and the fabric tends to feel sloppy or overly '40s -- but anyone using the term 'skinny jeans' should just check themselves out entirely.

cheetah print for men also has its place, and a well-done touch of teddy boy can be pretty stand-up, but not on some suburban-fey keds/'keds'.

the sturdy brass belt hook looks smartly functional. a good alternative to losing your possessions or using an aging hardcore enthusiast's anodized carabiner.

Sunglasses by RVS by V. available at Silver Lining Opticians

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