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September 30, 2010


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this picture is an example of a man dressing to complement his build.

if Joshua was a few inches shorter and 15 pounds heavier, this would look silly.

Joshua and his SE counterpart do vintage and eBay as well as most guys out there that go that route.

I've always appreciated the way this dude dresses but I've also always disliked his hair.

That's a pretty nice purse.

Such elegant feet!

"this picture is an example of a man dressing to complement his build."

No, not at all. Nothing against the look - but to your point, the pants are way too tight and rolled way too short for his body. There is absolutely no consideration to fit here.

In fact, if he was a few inches shorter it would be more acceptable to have that women's capri pant length roll going on. The hardness of the cuffing (as opposed to an easy roll) is also not really right for a pant of this fit and fabric. This isn't a Thom Browne tweed - lets not play pretend.

Is that the only outfit that dude owns?

@ulysses LOL - I couldnt have agreed more.
Hair is too comical, purse is too feminine ,too much ankle , sleeves too short.

He could simmer with the zoolander face, and perhaps stop trying so hard. Cool your semi dude, its just a camera.


Im just gonna shoot from the hip...terrible...I know I know your gonna send the fashion goons for me on this one but no MAN really dresses like this....no brotha I know carries a purse,or wears man-pri's...only MJ can get away with velvet slippers so stop that...plus homeboy didnt even get a descent pair with gold crescents and such on the top of them,I cant take it anymore Mort you know where I stand on this,please my man get a blazer that fits,the pants can be unrolled and at least get them one sz larger...lets say a 31-32,go with a 1 inch break and transform the"purse"into Hermes duffle..come on your wearing velvet slippers..step ya game up..and you better be driving a Ferrari or Bentley because dressed like that you will never ever be able to change the flat on your ....you look like a Cube kinda guy..lol!!..oh oh yeah get rid of the Kwame on herion hair too..peace and love and 40's work wear.

One of the best dressed men in the USA. Love.

@Carlene...you must be his mother,please buy him some lotion...please.

the people in the background were more interesting. his look is tired.
too small skinnky jacket, too small skinny pants, fucking cuffed of course,too small skinny shirt...the asian guy and black chick with the
rhinestone jacket is more like...you need to refine your eye, you're
worse than a budget sartorlist. your like those girls that read vogue,
elle,glamour and dont learn a damn thang...get up to speed already
stop being a smoe

Sleeves too short. Bag too feminine. Hair - no comment. Pants too tight and too much ankle. Too many bracelets. Velvet is for the evening. Also is he wearing a visible v-neck t shirt ?

..i actually like this one

i do wish his pants were a little bit longer though

This is so good

I wish I would be him..

Such an elegant pants and shoes. Nice color of pants. Wish I have one.

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