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September 01, 2010


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In this heatwave, it's still too hot out for cords but I still love the look nonetheless.

I knew this would be brought up as it crossed my mind as well but I must say, they were the thinnest cord ever and probably breathe better than a pr o' dungarees. so if Josh is comfy, I wont sweat it.

also feel like cord is for fall/winter- texture wise

also not feeling those bracelets at all.

I love the shoes. The colour is wonderful!

You wish you had some of that arm jewelery- where's mine?

wow, that watch is gorgeous. also dig the color of those dillas.

Josh's shit is always wack. He's got classic "dressed by a woman" looks all day. Cords in the summer? Hell naw. Mega stack of manga & '98 broadway & bleecker "thai" beads? Hell naw. Peak lapel cotton jacket? Negro please. I don't get why anyone flocks to this dude, he never comes correct.

Josh always looks sharp. Not mad at the cords since they are thin-wale, bracelets give the look some pop as well.

The Omega is amazing.

However, I find it odd that you aren't mad at Josh's Castaner espadrilles yet hate Toms. Aren't Toms espadrilles??

vicious sauce.

XL omega railmaster? damn that's the joint.

Watch is so dope! Cords in the summer with the sport coat?? i dunno.....


is this a still from a jake davis test shot?

love it when bloggas be deleting comments... is joshy really givin you that much cream, mort? this blog thing like the modern day pay-for-play. shame on you.

huh? i didnt delete any comments, not even the wack one by jason (#IsItYou)
in fact, i think that blazer is incredible!
My name isnt Mot, its Mordechai. Yeah, Josh pays me

Eric, my dude- There is a huge difference between these and toms. toms are a walking logo with a non walking sole. I dont hate toms, love that theyre for a great cause. just dont think thyre made for a walking city. You can get at least a few more miles outta these joints. they also have some history, been around for a minute.

Josh is definetely looking smart in this outfit.. i cant wait to try this on myself. The only thing that I would try different is black suede shoes I bought from Aquila

Mordechai--I was just messing around with the Castaner vs Toms thing. Wanted to see what you'd respond with. Espadrilles aren't for me at all but definitely don't have anything against the pair Josh is wearing.

Also, the DB cotton sports jacket looks great.

digging that belt, anybody have any idea where it came from?

I have a crush of Josh Peskowitz....word. Hot dresser.

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