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September 02, 2010


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If Mark McNairy was an asian guy...he'd look a lot like this.

I think a word that goes beyond dapper has to be invented for this guy. Permadapper? Hyperdapper? Wondapper?
The stripe on his tie is in line with his blazer's!

No one does it better than Hiro! Uniquely Classic...

What make and material are those pants? They are nice.

Daniel: Uberdapper.

I'm in agreement with the one who called this look "Uber-Dapper"...And I had to go back and look to see that...yes indeed...the stripes in his tie align with the vertical lines of his jacket...Wow! This guy is Awesome!...Finesse is another word that comes to mind when looking at him...though not necessarily subtle there is a skillfulness with which he dresses...Amen to that!


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