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October 20, 2010


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Love it (esp. that bag!!), but that would never fly in Skokie.

Probably not a lot of bracelets on the Hasidim, either. Wonder how amused they are by this "homage."

no, good point re. the bracelets. A Yeshiva student shant wear jewelry...

Carlene, hoping you are a woman loving his bag.

Of course, for myself!

Thank G-D! i know many of my readers are women and I do find that interesting. Im just sorta happy that its a woman being inspired and not a dude. (re the bag)

dandy always looks great

too bad he bombed on the shoes...otherwise, looks pretty good. very interpol-ish.

who makes name jewelery like that?

He has a "tchop"- remember when we couldn't have those in school?

From afar I would definitely think he was doing Mivtzoim

I'm having some serious Gaultier circa '95 flashbacks. Hasids weren't thrilled about the look being aped back then, wonder if they'd be more open minded this time around? Oh, and I think he makes the shoes work.

The bracelet is from Philip Crangi

I have no patience for people co-opting a "look" when it has someone else's religious signifance attached to it. I find it disrespectful and even blasphemous. Imagine some designer making the burkha chic--or attempting to--there'd be outrage, and just so! And those feigele sandals! Oy!

You;ve got to be kidding me. Nice purse - lady boys. Frightening.

I love those shoes--for myself. Anyone know what they are?

He carries that bag with more style than any trophy-toting Madison Avenue "lady" (i use the term loosely). I like the bag and the man carrying it. I like that he knows it all works so well on him, because he's just being true to himself.

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